Ditch the clipboard.

Temperature Tracking and Quarantine Management Software.

Meet ClassTemp by Temp Tracker, the simple way to collect and track temperatures and monitor student contact at your school. Quit juggling clipboards, class lists, and pens and start getting organized with ClassTemp.

We make temperature tracking quick and easy.

A system of individually-assigned QR codes allow administrators to easily track temperatures and organize data against student schedules and seat assignments. If a student or teacher tests positive for COVID-19, ClassTemp will notify you of students at high and medium risk for coming into contact with that person.


Personal QR Codes

Each student and staff member is assigned a unique-to-them QR code. You can print this QR code on badges for each student to bring and/or wear to school daily, download the badge to a wallet on your mobile device, or store it as a picture in your camera roll.

Stress-Free System

Teachers use the secure mobile platform to scan each student’s badge and record their temperature, and ClassTemp integrates directly with your Student Information System (SIS). At the end of the day, a report is automatically generated and emailed to office staff.

24/7 Parent Access

Parents can log into their school’s secure ClassTemp community site at any time to record their child’s temperature at home or before coming to school, view their child’s temperature log, and see the most recently recorded temperature for their child at any time.

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